The Best Age for Botox Injections Has Been Revealed

Best age for botox revealed

The magic age for starting anti-wrinkle treatments has been revealed by experts, with many saying that the best age for Botox treatments for preventative action is 27.

As we start losing collagen and elasticity in our skin in our late 20’s it can become crucial to fight any lines that might be appearing on our faces. So, for many people this can be the perfect age to start having smaller dosed treatments to take preventative action against wrinkles.


Why is 27 the best age for Botox treatments?

Anti-wrinkle injections ensure that any fine lines that might be appearing on your face will be softened and won’t eventually become deeply set. This is thanks to the protein that is found in botulinum toxin that binds to nerve ending receptors and stops them from telling the muscles in your face to move. If treated early these lines won’t have the chanced to set, which is why we encourage people to start their anti-wrinkle treatment in their late 20’s or their early 30’s rather than waiting until they are in their 40’s or 50’s.


Is it too late for me to start treatments now?

No, this doesn’t mean that there is any specific age that you should start having your treatments by. There is also no age too late to start having anti-wrinkle injections – deep set wrinkles that form in more mature patients can easily be combated with a larger dose of Botox as well as some dermal fillers.

There isn’t any fixed age to start receiving these treatments – you might even find that you benefit from them in your early 20’s! People with overly expressive faces, or those who have lifestyle factors influencing their skin like smoking or sun damage might find that their skin ages prematurely. This is why we emphasise taking care of your skin while you can – and why sun protection is so important.

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