Other Ways You Can Use Botox Injections

botulinum toxin injections

Botulinum toxin injections – usually known as Botox – are best known for their ability to smooth even the most pesky of wrinkles, but have also been a marvel of endless application in the medical community. With FDA approval for nine medical conditions, as well as several cosmetic procedures, Allergan (the company that owns Botox) has the potential to spread its reach to a possible 800 more patients if other potential uses for the drug are approved.

Although botox injections have become a staple for cosmetic enhancements, over half of the revenue for the drug these days comes from therapeutic abilities for conditions like chronic migraines, to excessive sweating to twitching eyelids. Once a drug has been FDA approved in the US for one medical condition, doctors can legally use them for any medical issue that the might think it could benefit. Because of this, botulinum toxin injections are regularly used off-label to treat all sorts of health problems.

What are botulinum toxin injections used for?

Along with typical FDA approved medical uses, Botox injections are used for a wide variety of other treatments, which include:


There might be plenty of experts who are still skeptical regarding the results of early trials testing how people’s symptoms of depression react to Botox, but most of the results show a positive result in many patients tested. The proposed reason for an improvement of symptoms in those with major depressive disorder relate to the facial feedback hypothesis, stating that a person’s facial expressions can make a difference to their mood. In a 2014 study, 52% of people who received Botox experienced a drop in their symptoms after six weeks, compared to 15% of the people that were given placebos. Allergan is currently pushing for FDA approval and has placed the toxin in final clinical trials to see if Botox can be prescribed as a way to treat depression.

Abnormal heartbeats

Botulinum toxin injections are being explored by Allergan as a type of therapy to stop abnormal heartbeat patterns after a patient has had open-heart surgery.

Cleft lip scars

With around 2,650 babies being born every year with a cleft palate, and 4,400 are born with a cleft lip, requiring many of them to undergo surgery to fix this. Some doctors may then inject the infants scar with Botox, which can hold the muscles still and allow the scar to heal which can massively improve the appearance of the scars.

Painful sex

Many women experience painful muscle spasms or contractions in their vagina that can cause sex to be very painful for them. Because of this, botulinum toxin injections are used to ease the pain and stop the muscles from contracting, which may be required either every six months, or sometimes only every couple of years ed-hrvatski.com.

Premature ejaculation

Even as a woman this description makes me squirm, and yet apparently an injection of Botox into the penis could relax the muscle and delay your ejaculation, which is currently being tested by Allergan. The company also holds the patent for testing on erectile dysfunction, which is also being tested at the minute by a third party.


With so many different ways that botulinum toxin injections can be used away from typical cosmetic uses, it’s clear to see that this toxin is an important addition to our medical community. With such a weird stigma around using Botox for cosmetic reasons, it should be recognised that these incredible injections provide an amazing selection of treatments and solutions to medical problems that people suffer every day.

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